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(Shortcuts for signing and dating)
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===Links to user pages===
===Links to user pages===
To leave a link to someone's userpage use [[Special:Mypage]].  Any user who clicks on that link will be taken to their own user page.
*[[Special:Mypage]] - The logged in user's user page.
*[[Special:Mytalk]] - The logged in user's user talk page.
===Page title prefix searching===
===Page title prefix searching===

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Add any cool OpenWetWare tips here. We'll try and add them to an appropriate help page.

Making maps

See OpenWetWare:Map for an example of how to make a map on the wiki.

Using | in templates

Use &124; to insert '|' inside templates

Hide edit section links

Include __NOEDITSECTION__ at the bottom of the page.

Links to user pages

Page title prefix searching

Use the Special:Prefixindex page to find all pages that begin with a certain prefix, such as OpenWetWare:.

Image Galleries

You can use the <gallery> tag to quickly create a nicely formatted image gallery. See here for an example.

No printable

If you don't want something to appear on the printable version of the page, use

<div class=noprint>This will appear on wiki but not on printable version</div>

This is useful to avoid printing banners or other things that may take up a lot of ink.

Google searching OpenWetWare

To do a Google search of OpenWetWare, do one of the following

  1. Type your query followed by "site:openwetware.org" in any general Google search box.
  2. Type your query in the search box on the left and click search. Scroll to the bottom of the search results page and you will find a Google search box for OpenWetWare.

Better RecentChanges Viewing

Go to the preferences menu and go to the recent changes/stub dislplay section. Click Enhanced Recent Changes. This groups changes on the same page together. This provides better viewing of changes, especially when people (drew!) save many times while making changes. --Sri Kosuri 20:26, 18 Sep 2005 (EDT)

Image Link Targets

Bug 539: Allow images that link somewhere other than the image page. Use $wgAllowTargettedImages=true; in LocalSettings.php when available.

Using an external link AND image, you can easily do this. [http://openwetware.org http://openwetware.org/images/f/f1/OWW_emblem2.png] produces http://openwetware.org/images/f/f1/OWW_emblem2.png

Shortcuts for signing and dating

~~~ produces Patrick
~~~~ produces Patrick 10:58, 20 Jul 2004 (UTC)
~~~~~ produces 08:41, 25 Jul 2004 (UTC)

The convention for comments on OpenWetWare is "chat-room style" i.e.



  • Reshma 12:13, 20 April 2007 (EDT): Hello