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Keeping things tidy (work in progress)

  • Aside from the necessary etiquette, users should try keep their pages as tidy as possible. Not only the content within the pages, but also the location of said pages.
  • Here's an example:
    • Imagine my user name is Bio Engineer and therefore my user page URI is:
      (Please assume as a prefix to all the following URIs)
This address is my User Page where I'll place all my up-to-date information and also all the links to pages that I create or that I think others might find interesting related to me and my work (in or outside the wiki).
    • Pages that I create should remain within my namespace and not elsewhere (unless they belong to another namespace like a lab or a group. So, I create this page for this cool new idea I have and I place it within my namespace, like so:
  • In a nutshell, you end up with something similar to this:

User:Bio_Engineer |- User:Bio_Engineer/Page_1

|- User:Bio_Engineer/Page_1/Subpage_1a

|- User:Bio_Engineer/Page_2

|- User:Bio_Engineer/Page_2/Subpage_2a
|- User:Bio_Engineer/Page_2/Subpage_2b </pre>


Why use such a hierarchical scheme?

  • There are a few good reasons to use such a scheme.
    1. Your URL becomes easier to remember and is directly related to you and/or your lab
      Url structure 1.jpg
    2. You will be able to search for information contained within your hierarchical ladder of pages
      Url structure 2.jpg
    3. A proper breadcrumb navigation is automatically created which allows better navigation within your namespace.
      Url structure 3.jpg