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The OpenWetWare Steering Committee is charged with leading the future direction of OpenWetWare. The steering committee is open to all OWW members, and we are actively seeking participants. You can add yourself to the discuss mailing list.

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Please post any topics you would like the SC to consider at the next meeting -- you don't need to be on the committee to post something here!

Next Meeting: Wednesday, May 14, at 12 noon

The monthly meeting is both online (join the chat here) AND has teleconferencing (call 617-324-7520, or

Everyone is welcome to participate simply by calling in and joining the chat. It tends to work best if participants do both to fully take part in the meeting.

New items for discussion:

  • The Research Process and how OWW can make it better (presentation of a new idea...)
  • Talk about chairs and how to group different members around different areas
  • Each month, SC to come up with a small, fun activity that can be picked up by a new member.
  • "idea of bottom-up development, where new features of OWW are suggested by and in part built by members of the community" - OpenWetWare Platform/API (a la Facebook)?
  • How should we work with/integrate social networking sites such as Epernicus, SciLink, and others?
  • Profiling the OpenWetWare user... Who are John and Jill Openwetware? Potential collaboration with myExperiment who did similar profiling.
  • Focus of OWW over the next 6 months should be the promotion of open science and use of lab notebook?

Older or ongoing items:

This was brought a few months ago. Is OWW's licensing still appropriate for the way people are (or will be) posting content to the site?

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