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  • Time : 12-1pm EST, 6/15/06
  • Room : 32-262 (Stata center)

To Conference Call:

Audiobridge Phone No.: 617-452-5190

To participate in the meeting, call the above number at 12pm EST. You should be connected in to the conference call. Apologies that this requires you to call in, but this is how the audiobridge system works at MIT.


Action List! ;)

These are specific goals to be presented on at the next steering committee meeting.

  • Contact PLoS One folks about seminar series. (Sri)
  • Make a template for new users, should be integrated into the getting started pages . (Mike)
  • Make a page better explaining "namespaces", and include it in the getting started pages. (Jenny, Kathleen)
  • Look into putting Eric's journal abbreviations on OWW. ((Eric Patridge, Austin Che)
  • Starting a group that will determine how to encourage “good” protocol submission / aggregation. Plenty of discussion needed here, but need to get the ball rolling. (Jenny)
  • Contact Jason if you want to be involved in the Board of Directors for OWW - will entail increased (legal) responsibility. (Everyone)
  • Help out on writing the NSF Grant (Everyone)


These are new discussion topics brought up during the meeting, that will be continued on the wiki. Each heading links to a discussion on the topic.


  • Jennyn 14:47, 15 June 2006 (EDT): We should consider doing a collection of T-shirts like H-Lounge (ringtone start-up from MIT). That way, we can do Sri's awesome idea of the "[My Favorite Protocol]" shirt, and maybe put "" on the back or something. I'd love to get involved in this, also, by the way. Smiley.gif I think the graphics that we have are cool, but more would be awesome!