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  • Time : 12-1pm EST, 8/10/06
  • Room : 32-262 (Stata center)


task check from last meeting?

  1. Have the retreat -- nice work with that ;)
  2. Put the video (or picture link to video) on the Main Page, but make sure video works with IE. (John Cumbers)
  3. Look into who we would hire/ask to help us put in place formal decision making processes and organizational structure. (Jason Kelly)
  4. Put a page listing all the suggested categories up on the protocols page. (Jenny Nguyen)
  5. Write letter to labs with empty homepages (Jenny Nguyen)
  6. Consider filing trademark applications on "OpenWetWare" in US (and perhaps UK, EU, China, India, and Japan)? who?
  7. Hardware Support: Need plan to support hardware and software. who?
  8. Look up other sister wiki's and link to them, have on sign-up page, "maybe this wiki's better for you? want to set up your own wiki.. guidelines. John to do.
  9. set up a page of case studies, FAQ of people that we didn't allow accounts. and why? e.g physics lab, highschool students, companies, John to do
  10. add elections to front page. DONE John & Barry
  11. Write bylaws - done - John and Barry
  12. Drew, Jason, funding - Consider establishing organizational recognition w/in MIT. This would include gaining an MIT account (for donation purposes).

New Topics

  • Community Development: Sri Kosuri
    • Do we have a date for Chris Surridge talk (likely in September as of last meeting - need to deal with his travel arrangements, etc.)
    • Recruiting superusers (Jason Kelly)
      • Should we try and find people to fill the sub-committee chairs that we currently have outlined? other strategies for recruiting more superusers?
    • What are we doing about copyright issues?
  • Education Coordinator: Reshma Shetty
  • User Experience/Data Management: Jeff Gritton & Barry Canton
  • Infrastructure: (Jason & Ilya)
    • Network outage at MIT, site down for ~14hrs.
    • iCampus, professional hosting
  • Wikimania recap: (Ilya & Austin)
  • Publishing Group Update and Reditt proposal I can only join the meeting at 12.30 or 12.45 so please leave this until the end. cheers, --Johncumbers 23:05, 7 August 2006 (EDT)
  • Lab highlights: John Cumbers

Elections update

Tasks for the first 6 months of elected officers time

  • To organise the next election in 6 months time and decide on 6/12 month terms