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  • Time : 12-1pm EST, 8/10/06
  • Room : 32-262 (Stata center)


task check from last meeting?

  1. Have the retreat -- nice work with that ;)
  2. Put the video (or picture link to video) on the Main Page, but make sure video works with IE. (John Cumbers)
  3. Look into who we would hire/ask to help us put in place formal decision making processes and organizational structure. (Jason Kelly)
  4. Put a page listing all the suggested categories up on the protocols page. (Jenny Nguyen)
  5. Write letter to labs with empty homepages (Jenny Nguyen)

New Topics

  • Community Development: Sri Kosuri
    • Do we have a date for Chris Surridge talk (likely in September as of last meeting - need to deal with his travel arrangements, etc.)
    • Recruiting superusers (Jason Kelly)
      • Should we try and find people to fill the sub-committee chairs that we currently have outlined? other strategies for recruiting more superusers?
  • Education Coordinator: Reshma Shetty
  • User Experience/Data Management: Jeff Gritton & Barry Canton
  • Lab highlights: John Cumbers
  • Infrastructure: (Jason & Ilya)
    • Network outage at MIT, site down for ~14hrs.
    • iCampus, professional hosting
  • Wikimania recap: (Ilya & Austin)

Publishing Group Update

  • I'm not sure if I can make the meeting yet, as I'm on a course this week. However, Julius and I will mail/add the report that we've been working on. cheers --Johncumbers 17:48, 7 August 2006 (EDT)

Elections update

Tasks for the first 6 months of elected officers time

  • To organise the next election in 6 months time and decide on 6/12 month terms