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This discussion is in the very early stages, so please contribute opinions, and don't take anything here as set in stone by any means.

Notes from 5/4/2006 Funding meeting

In light of deciding whether to pursue more funding sources for OWW, we had a discussion regarding the various approaches for ensuring the long-term viability of OWW. In particulr, when the current steering committee "moves on", how do we keep the site leadership fresh and active?

Jasonk 23:29, 4 May 2006 (EDT):I'll try and summarize the general opinions/suggestions from the meeting.

Effective site leadership in the future was envisioned of consisting of three components:

  1. Steering Committee
  2. Administrative/Technical
  3. Lead Evangelist/"CEO"

The responsibilities of each component would be approximately:

Steering Committee

Primary responsibility: Ensure an active, vibrant user community. Some (but certainly not all) mechanisms for achieving this would be to spearhead new projects that:

  1. lower barriers to contributing information
  2. grow the member base
  3. make existing information more accesible