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  • Jasonk 03:09, 9 August 2006 (EDT): At the retreat we decided that the steering committee would be responsible for prioritizing the areas where OWW would expend resources (whether time or $). To serve this I think we need to have a list of short-term goals. (and probably a long-term vision as well)
  • Since we are putting in place an organizational structure for the next 6 months, it seems like that is a good time frame for some short term goals.

Short term goals

  1. Define a long-term organizational structure for OWW leadership. The new structure will be decided upon in December, and new officers will be elected in January.
  2. Encourage the growth of (a wide variety) of communities on OWW
    • The reasoning here is that the most important thing is to continue to build a critical mass of users who are comfortable using the site in their daily research. Then if we want to role out more complicated things in the future we’ve got a user base to actually try them out with (and a userbase to suggest/develop new things in the first place). I think Jay's point at the retreat about wikis being included in OS 12, and the follow up discussion about how OWW is not principally a tool site supports this focus - the strength of OWW will be in the community of users that we've grown.

Medium term goals