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  • Jason R. Kelly 22:44, 15 July 2007 (EDT): I moved the complete feature list to the talk page, this is just the list of the 'top priority' features as identified by the SC at the July meeting.

Information contribution

  1. Publish to OpenWetWare button for private wiki's and external wiki's
  2. Seeding of user pages upon account creation
  3. Auto-generation of lab notebooks

Information management

  1. Notifications to users of relevant changes
  2. Tags and categories including personal tagging of pages


Tools that allow for dissemination of OWW content to other sites / outlets

  1. Wiki to Word/PDF converter
  2. Move last tiem edited to the top of the page / consider color coding for when it's been edited recently
  3. Pligg system for article ranking



  • User management system - overall works well, but there are some open bugs that need to get sorted out.