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Create a mechanism on OWW that, at a first level, helps you to easily aggregate and organize content you’ve created or want to follow (i.e., a simple tool that makes it super easy to develop and organize links to pages within OWW) and, at a second level, allows you to link the content according to relationships that are meaningful to you. In other words, eventually create your personal semantic linking structure within OWW.

Challenge or opportunity the development project answers

Helps users make sense of information and create personal information repositories within the larger knowledge repository that is OWW.

Examples of what could be done or how it would work

  • Click on the “track” icon to automatically add the page or the section of the page to your personal database.
  • A three-dimensional map of your connections to content on OWW. Can be autogenerated based on parameters you enter into the “draw my connections” tool.
  • Your tracked information could be arranged as 1-dimensional (a list of links), 2-dimensional (links + people and networks), and 3 dimensional displays (visual displays, like the “map of the market).

Why the project should happen now

Already, it is difficult to keep track of your own OWW content, let alone content of interest to you that is generated by others. As OWW grows, and as new tools get developed (e.g., Project Notebook) this problem becomes worse.

Who are the immediate customers?

People looking for teaching resources. People looking to find collaborators on OWW. Both groups could use this linking structure to link people with content.