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This is for a quick presentation to the MediaWiki hackers at Wikimania 2006.

Available tools

  • Dewikify
  • Personalized wiki
    • Recent changes filtering
    • Default home page
    • User sidebar
  • User management system
  • Scientific information presentation
    • LatexDoc (collaborate on papers, bibtex)
    • WikiTex (chemical diagrams, graphs)

Needed tools


  • Laboratory management (what reagents are in the freezer?)
  • Better user group system


  • Wiki database
  • Semantic info


  • Methods to easily 'publish to OWW'
  • Easy connection with publishers ('send to Nature')
  • Citations. Have Cite extension but would be ideal to have a doi per page.


  • Private pages
  • A tool to monitor who is "watching" a page/namespace
  • More customizable recent changes (SpecialRecentChanges is a great start, but is a bit confusing for new users), for instance, I should be able to see all changes by a subset of users, all changes to pages I'm "watching", and all changes to a list of namespaces (e.g., Endy:, Knight:).
  • Integrated discussion boards.