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(what's a wiki?)
(what's a wiki?)
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*history is tracked.
*history is tracked.
Get an account: [[OpenWetWare:How to join]]
*Get an account: [[OpenWetWare:How to join]]
Get started: [[OpenWetWare:Getting started|Getting Started]]
*Get started: [[OpenWetWare:Getting started|Getting Started]]
Get help: [[Help]]
*'''Get help: [[Help]]''' (also a Help link in the menubar on the left)
[[Prather Lab]]
[[Prather Lab]]

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what's a wiki?

  • easy to edit
  • can't break it
  • history is tracked.

Prather Lab

the mundane

things that you do already offline but might be more effective on the wiki

the practical

things you may not do currently, but which are easy on a wiki

  • long term storage of lab information (protocols)
    • Helps with the rapid turnover of personel in labs, collaborative protocol editing tunes protocols used by several lab members, searchable, information.
  • up-to-date, high content level lab webpage
    • remove the webmaster "bottleneck" - democratized contribution
    • Can even automatically remove the border so it looks nice. (OWW version)

the glitzy

unique opportunities on OpenWetWare


  • We're actively looking to make the site more useful to the scientific community, is there anything that you would like to see added?