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Summary of OpenWetWare's beginnings

Quick tour of OpenWetWare


Why use OpenWetWare for courses when Stellar and OpenCourseWare are already available (and work well!)

  1. OpenWetWare permits students to play an equal role as faculty and students in contributing to class content.
  2. Lack of hierarchy allows the site to put up as much useful information as they see fit. For example, student results from experiments, comments on protocols, feedback on homework questions, students' class notes.
  3. This other information can be useful for others in education and research and available in an open way.

Experiences to date in BE.109

Observations from the use of OpenWetWare in BE.109

  1. Having course content on OpenWetWare enables professors and TA's to update materials more easily and more often.
  2. Some students feel comfortable making substantial edits to course pages.
  3. Students can catch and correct typos.

How OpenWetWare and OpenCourseWare might interact?

Brainstorming ways that OpenWetWare and OpenCourseWare might synergistically interact.

  1. Can a static version of course sites be archived on OpenCourseWare?
  2. Can wiki-like pages be incorporated into OpenCourseWare?
  3. Advice about recruiting new users?