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Community News Archive

10/12/05 -- The hardware running OWW has been upgraded. The site is running on a new faster server that is professionally managed and backed up. If you run into problems editing, try refreshing the page (or using the or addresses). Thanks for the patience.

10/11/05 -- OWW will be undergoing significant hardware upgrades and change of IP. During this time, there may be points where OWW will be closed for editing. See the OWW BioMicro Server Switch page for more info

10/4/05 -- OpenWetWare has been configured to use clean URLs, i.e. without "index.php" (same style as Wikipedia). URLs in the old format still work because new URLs are simply aliases. Internal links are not affected by this transition at all. Also, MediaWiki software used to run OpenWetWare has been upgraded to the latest stable version 1.4.10.

10/3/05 -- OpenWetWare content now available via Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike or GNU Free Documentation License. See Copyright for more details.

9/27/05 -- Matsudaira Lab from MIT has joined OpenWetWare

9/19/05 -- Crews Lab from Texas has joined OpenWetWare

9/19/05 -- Linder Lab from Texas has joined OpenWetWare

9/19/05 -- Rao Lab from UIUC has joined OpenWetWare

9/19/05 -- Burge Lab from MIT has joined OpenWetWare

9/15/05 -- Hu Lab from Texas A&M has joined OpenWetWare

9/14/05 -- Keasling Lab from Berkeley has joined OpenWetWare

9/14/05 -- Emelianov Lab from Texas has joined OpenWetWare

9/12/05 -- Silver Lab from Harvard has joined OpenWetWare

9/10/05 -- The BE Graduate Student Board has joined OpenWetWare

9/9/05 -- Ellington Lab from Texas has joined OpenWetWare

9/8/05 -- Suggs Lab from Texas has joined OpenWetWare

9/1/05 -- New features have been added to the wiki: Emailing users (look at the sidebar in user pages) and google searching.

8/25/05 -- MIT Specific. We started a mailing list to handle reagent, equipment, and knowhow requests. The list is self-subscribing for MIT-based folks.

8/16/05 -- At a recent meeting, participants decided to open OWW to labs outside of MIT, and to move administration of the wiki to the BioMicro Center. Also, the site will be hosted at instead of

8/16/05 -- A Getting Started on OpenWetWare page has been added.

8/16/05 -- The Keating Lab has joined OpenWetWare

8/16/05 -- The Sauer Lab has joined OpenWetWare

8/16/05 -- New page on why to join has been added

7/24/05 -- New Etiquette added regarding common words and page titles, post comments about this addition to the Talk:Etiquette page

6/24/05 -- The Grossman Lab has joined OpenWetWare. Welcome!

6/23/05 -- Biological Energy Interest Group has joined OpenWetWare! They're looking for new members, contact Peter if you're interested.

6/15/05 -- Jeff just had a baby (Well Amy did)! Congratulations!