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Note you need to reverse the coordinates from Institutions.kml

<googlemap lat="40" lon="0" zoom="2" width="800" height="600" icon=""> 42.36053792387064, -71.09007145677018 /MIT\ MIT /Labs\ Chen Lab, DeLong Lab, Endy Lab, Grossman Lab, Keating Lab, Khademhosseini Lab, Knight Lab, Lauffenburger Lab, Lippard Lab, Matsudaira Lab, Prather Lab, Sauer Lab, Schauer Lab, Stephanopoulos Lab, van Oudenaarden Lab, Wittrup Lab /Groups\ BE Board, BEInG, SAVE, SfGS, MIT Flow Facility

42.39965240903314,   -71.12495555710451,   Tufts University

-26.19278044648975, 28.03047646695849, University of the Witwatersrand

12.99680722434742,    77.56823161869931,   Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
 1.349702969597304,  103.6816891256282,    Nanyang Technological University
14.64871925709237,   121.0636519017243,    University of the Philippines

-45.86376586737932, 170.5140133737077, University of Otago

34.13678002312675,  -118.1252675995744,    California Institute of Technology
37.77057255771301,  -122.4253213233008,    University of California San Francisco
37.86430980502992,  -122.285962339715,     University of California Berkeley
38.55246916082545,  -121.7431569197535,    University of California Davis