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The meeting date will be Dec 5: Noon-1pm EST in Room 68-151. If you would like to call in please contant jasonk at mit dot edu. Thanks.

Job Description

Technical Administrator / Extension Developer

Community Development

Notes from Meeting

(feel free to add)

  • Possible positions:
    1. Technical Administrator / Extension Developer
      • Responsibilities would include server maintenance, updating Mediawiki distribution, OS, etc. Would be nice to have capability to develop custom extensions as well (though there was some concern about the how those would be maintained long-term).
    2. Community Developer
      • Responsible for cultivating the growth of communities on the site. These would include things like technical communities, new-user admin/welcoming, information management (e.g. consensus protocols), etc.
    3. Founding CEO / Evangelist
      • Responsible for raising money, talking to the press, etc.
      • Suggested that before we can get this person we need to have a tighter description of the long-term mission of the site (since we would need someone who was very passionate about it).
  • Comments on why a Community Developer would be useful.
    • There was concern that by focusing too much on the specific things we would like an employee to work on (e.g. a new extension or a help page) we would be creating a non-scalable system for getting these things done in the long term. (and also a system with an expiration date when the finding for the employee ends in a year).
    • Alternatively, we should could focus on hiring someone who would cultivate volunteer communities from the OWW user community. They would essentially be there to facilitate the growth of many of these groups rather than take on leadership of any particular one.
  • we decided to specify the job descriptions for the technical/admin and community developer positions.

Brainstorming for job description

Figured this might be a good way to start to specify the things we'd like an OWW employee to work on. (in no particular order - please add!)

Wiki Maintenance

  • User Management
  • Deleting pages

Server Maintenance

  • Upgrades to Mediawiki

Development of new wiki content

  • Tutorial pages (how to start a new lab)
  • Help pages
  • Maintain a calendar of conferences, workshops and events relevant to OWW community (calendar idea mentioned during last SC)
  • Develop the Directory of people and improve visibility on available ressources/skills within OWW community (maybe linked to categorization)
  • Highlights
  • Foster a community

Development of new technical tools

  • Being able to develop MediaWiki extensions would be a 'nice-to-have'
  • OWW software distribution / private wiki roll-out
  • how to integrate with existing/future tools

Organization of existing content

  • Information management
    • Categorization, Semantic web

Spokesperson / CEO

  • Getting more funding
    • writing OWW concept paper for circulating with potential sponsors.
  • Spokesperson for interacting with media / external parties
  • Surveys, 'market research,' figure out what people want/need

Meeting agenda

  1. "Facts on the ground" - how much funds do we have available and what are the going salaries for the type of people we'd be looking to hire. (jason)
  2. Prioritize the list above
  3. Sketch up a rough draft of a job description
  4. other?

Possible dates

As decided at the last SC meeting, we'll be holding a seperate meeting to talk about hiring someone to work on OWW full/part time using the money available from the NIH grant. We'll need to decide what sort of background we're looking for / can reasonably find. If you're interested in contributing to the discussion but can't make the meeting, please write me (jasonk at mit dot edu) an email with your thoughts.

The meeting date will be Dec 5: Noon-1pm EST in Room 68-151. If you would like to call in please contant jasonk at mit dot edu. Thanks.