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===Contact Info===
===Contact Info===
Your Name <BR>
<Sonia C. Irigoyen>
Department <BR>
<Department of Biology/Molecular and Environmental Plant Sciences>
Address 1<BR>
<Texas A&M University 3258 TAMU>
Address 2<BR>
<College Station Tx 77843>
City, State, etc...<BR>
Your E-mail<BR>
[[Your Lab]] at XYZ University.
[[Versaw's Lab]] at Texas A&M University.

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Starting Your User Page

  • Perhaps your user page is the most comfortable place for you to start editing. A brief description of who you are and what you are doing will help others feel comfortable with your edits and may even lead to productive collaborations.
Click on your username to edit
  • To access your user page, log in, then click on your username at the top right of any OpenWetWare page. Then, click on the EditButton.jpg tab. If nothing has been added to your page you will be brought directly to the edit screen.


  • Breaking up your page into different sections will make it much easier to read. If you create enough different sections, a table of contents like the one at the top of this page will be created automatically.
What You Type What You Get
Start your sections as follows:
==New section==



New section



  • Start with a second-level heading (==).
  • Use subsequent levels (second, third, then fourth levels).
  • Table of Contents automatic with 4+ subsections.
  • If appropriate, place subsections in an order (i.e. alphabetical, numerical, etc).

Adding Content

What You Type What You Get
===Contact Info===
Your Name 
Address 1
Address 2 
City, State, etc... 
Your E-mail 

[[Your Lab]] at XYZ University.

* Year, PhD, Institute
* Year, MS, Institute
* Year, BS, Institute

Fill in your educational background.

===Research Interests===
# Interest #1
# Interest #2
# Interest #3

Or add a brief description.

# Publication, Journal
# or use biblio if in pubmed

Contact Info

<Sonia C. Irigoyen> <Department of Biology/Molecular and Environmental Plant Sciences> <Texas A&M University 3258 TAMU> <College Station Tx 77843> <sirigoyen@mail.bio.tamu.edu>

Versaw's Lab at Texas A&M University.


  • Year, PhD, Institute
  • Year, MS, Institute
  • Year, BS, Institute

Fill in your educational background.

Research Interests

  1. Interest #1
  2. Interest #2
  3. Interest #3

Or add a brief description.


  1. Publication, Journal
  2. or use biblio if in pubmed

  • For something more snazzy, use this template!
  • You can see what your page now looks like by clicking ShowPreviewButton.jpg.

Adding Links

What You Type What You Get
Internal Link OpenWetWare pages


External Link web addresses

[http://www.pubmed.gov PUBMED]

Internal Link OpenWetWare pages


External Link web addresses


  • Click SavePageButton.jpg and you're done!
  • Remember to save periodically; unsaved information will be lost if browser is closed.

Further Information

Set Up Your Lab Wiki

Create Accounts For Your Fellow Lab Members

  • If you are setting up your lab's wiki, we have probably made you or someone else in your lab an administrator. If you go here, you should be able to create accounts for your fellow lab members.

Redirect Your Lab Site

  • Redirecting your lab website to wiki allows for the entire lab to be responsible for maintaining the lab website; any member of the lab can easily edit and improve the site. The navigation bar, such as the one on the Endy research page, is useful for traversing through webpages within the site and gives some continuity to the lab pages.

Organize Internal Lab Functions

  • Use your wiki page for lab internal functions such as lab meetings, retreats, lab chores, ordering, etc. Every member in the lab can access and edit from anywhere. Communication of administration matters are easy now!

Orient New Lab Members

  • Post information for new lab members. This is especially useful for large labs that have a steady influx of new people and visitors. Direct new members/visitors to a site to save time!

Lab Page Templates

  • Below is a small selection of templates to get your lab page started.
  1. Click on link below image
  2. Copy + Paste onto your lab page
  3. Modify them to your liking!

Feel free to create your own unique lab format!