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'''Bold text'''Diabetes by Krishnendu Saha
{{OpenWetWare:Getting started/Introduction}} <!-- Please do not touch this line! -->
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I like KFC.
The '''quick''' ''brown'' fox jumped over the lazy dog.
Test Message
ER.  Um.
its amazing I got this far, for me anything computer = rocket science!!!!  -Arianna
yee haw
== Bin HE ==
  This editor is not YouKnowWho! I'm fine with that but just think maybe someone will find it difficult to cope with all the drama
David started here
Adam was here first.
and so was Eve-lol
Cane tried this out today.
Able too
I'm test editing
Scott is here
Is there anybody out there?
Is there anybody in there?
  meow meow Eyad?
Awww kitty!
=== Niftericious ===
  indenting creates a text box
Editing is fun!
test line
test II
Ta da!
Sonia edited this! ha  <-  did I?  :o\
=== Wahoo! ===
namwoo kim
jayanthi is kind off getting the hang of this!
me too..
<cite>somepaper anotherpaper andanotherpaper</cite>
#somepaper pmid=16741115
#anotherpaper pmid=16699522
#andanotherpaper pmid=16627746
Welcome to the world!
little test
<b> hello back!</b>
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Bold textDiabetes by Krishnendu Saha