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Brief description

A user provides some information when they register their account that can be used to seed their userpage. Additionally, it would be good to move some portion of the "getting started" tutorial into each new userpage when it is generated, so that a user will become familiar with editing by working on their own page.

Detailed description

  • In addition to seeding the page with info about a person, you could also seed each user page with a list of that person's contributions. See Avenue A | Razorfish screenshots for an example.
  • Jason R. Kelly:I think pre-loading a clustrmap (or something like it), might be a good idea. When you start seeing dots popping up all over the world it's more obvious why you might want to publish widely.
  • Seeding a page with the lab's filtered recent changes
    • This would require knowing what lab someone was in, so could be automated if we rolled out an "invite your labmates system" (e.g. you could invite people who would be automatically approved so long as they provided full name, and they would be associated with your lab). This could be a soft way to start building up a scientific network.
  • seed with link to lab notebook (once we have template working).
  • put up a temporary photo (to be replaced with your own photo).

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