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How do I start editing?

See the getting started page.

How do I learn more about editing?

Visit the help page.

Are there any rules?

Check out the etiquette page for guidelines on creating and editing pages.

How do I make the wiki pages for my lab/group look like a static website?

Check out OpenWetWare:Dewikify for instructions on generating static websites from OpenWetWare wiki pages. See Synthetic Biology and for a comparison of a wiki page with its static counterpart.

I have an existing MediaWiki site with lots of content. Can I import it into OpenWetWare?

Yes, if you decide that the benefits of sharing the content on OpenWetWare is worth moving your site completely on to OpenWetWare, we will be happy to help you move the wiki. You will be able to import your current wiki in its entirety (including the history of all pages) into OpenWetWare by adding a unique prefix to all pages to ensure that your page names do not conflict with any OpenWetWare pages. Contact Austin Che to plan the technical details of the import.