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  1. Revise, revise, revise. The purpose of this wiki is to serve as a forum through which people can share ideas, protocols, tips and any other information that might be relevant to the community. So the more you add new pages and edit existing pages, the more useful they become.
  2. Be respectful of user pages.
  3. Before adding a new protocol, check to see whether the protocol already exists. If you change the existing protocol, please justify and explain your changes. Likewise, if you would rather post a new version of a protocol, go ahead, but explain why. Feel free to add as much as possible to the wiki, but please document all nontrivial changes.
  4. See the Wikipedia policy on minor edits.
  5. Try to capitalize only the first word in a page title (sentence caps format). For instance, use Electrocompetent cells instead of Electrocompetent Cells. This convention makes it easier for an editor to link to a page, since there's no need to check the original capitalization. Creating a link beginning with a lower-case letter will link to a target page with the first letter capitalized, which also makes initial caps more universal. Abbreviations, acronyms, and proper names are clearly exceptions, e.g., Colony PCR and user pages.