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{{Discussion topic|
{{Discussion topic|
|DiscussionPage=Help:Hosting courses
|PipedLink=Help pages for OWW courses
|PipedLink=Protocol aggregation
|Description=We're putting together a tutorial for hosting courses on OWW[[Help talk:Hosting courses|Let us know what you think.]]
|Description=We're once again revisiting the topic of protocol organizationChime in!
{{Discussion topic|                                               
{{Discussion topic|                                               

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Dynamic ranking of OWW pages via Reddit
We're considering using Reddit to dynamically vote on OWW pages. Would it be useful?
Steering committee page redesign
The steering committee page has been redesigned. Leave feedback.
Protocol aggregation
We're once again revisiting the topic of protocol organization. Chime in!
Flexible Science Databases with OWW
A discussion of how to implement/integrate easy-to-make databases within OWW. Expertise needed.