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Open Source Malaria (OSM, pronounced "awesome") is aimed at finding new medicines for malaria using strictly open source principles, embodied in the 6 Laws of Open Research.

This wiki describes where the project is up to, and summaries of relevant data. For other aspects of the project, see the main Project Landing Page.

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About the Malaria Project

A human-friendly summary of the science to date can be found in The Story So Far.

A description of what open research is can be found in the Open Research Page.

Aggregated data on various branches of the project so far can be found on the Compound Series Page.

What's Happening and What's Needed

Daily updates (including the To Do list) can be accessed through the project's main hub.

At the moment (July 2013) there is most activity on Series 2, with the raw data in this lab notebook.

The main resources needed in the OSM project are experimental input, particularly chemical compound synthesis and help with chem/bioinformatics. Anyone can make compounds, get them tested and contribute data. You don't have to be a research scientist - maybe you're an undergrad doing a lab.

If you have no access to a lab, there are a number of important other things needed, labelled as such on the To Do List.


The OSM project's licence unless otherwise stated is CC-BY-3.0 meaning you can use whatever you want for whatever purpose, provided you cite the project.