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20.309 Home Page

  • Note that we have updated the course schedule.
  • Lecture Note for Optoelectronics III posted.
  • Lecture Note for Optoelectronics II posted. Reminder: Quiz tomorrow (focus only on Optics & Microscopy lectures)
  • Lecture Note for Optoelectronics I posted. Homework 7 posted.
  • Fluorescence microscopy starts today. This week: build your microscope and characterize the white light path.
  • Preliminary lab manual for fluorescence microscopy is here. Please note there will be changes.
  • Lecture Note for Optics & Microscopy IV is now online. Please note that there will be a quiz tomorrow.
  • Lecture Note for Optics & Microscopy III is now online.
  • Lecture Notes for Optics & Microscopy I & II and Problem Set #6 are now online. Due to some posting problems, Problem Set #6 is due on October 28. See updated schedule.
  • Problem Set #5 will be extended to October 24, part (e): 10ms (not 10us)
  • DNA melting report and thermal noise lab slides from Friday 10/04 lecture
  • DNA data analysis slides from Tuesday 9/30 lecture are now posted here
  • Slides for Friday 9/26 lecture are now posted here
  • Sign up for your presentation (with this link) by September 23 to avoid being randomly assigned.
  • Updates for the DNA melting module