OWW BioMicro Server Switch

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This is a rough draft of things that need to happen to switch openwetware to the BioMicro Server...

  1. prepare new machine (MySQL, mediawiki, Apache, backup scripts).
    • We should decide whether to start with the MediaWiki 1.4 version, or switch to the beta version of 1.5 that wikipedia is using. It is substantially different, so it may behoove us to start now.
  2. submit request to point openwetware.mit.edu alias to new IP address (~24-72 hrs)
    • Recent requests to MIT IS&T have taken several days to process.
  3. change A record for openwetware.com/org (@yahoo) to new IP address (~24hrs)
  4. freeze the current wiki (no write access)
  5. after DNS changes have propagated, replicate the wiki to the new machine
  6. unfreeze the wiki on new machine

Another option is to give away model.mit.edu alias and associated IP; transition can then be done virtually without downtime.