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(GSK Thienopyrimidine Series)
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[[Image:thienopyrimidine.PNG|thumb|center|180px|GSK Thienopyrimidine Series: TCMDC 135294]]
[[Image:thienopyrimidine.PNG|thumb|center|180px|GSK Thienopyrimidine Series: TCMDC 135294]]
The above compound is one part of a duo...(detail goes here).
[https://www.ebi.ac.uk/chembldb/index.php/compound/inspect/CHEMBL581088 | chEMBL]
[https://www.chemspider.com/Chemical-Structure.24575349.html?rid=a5689148-4b7f-4b14-b9e6-7d03c39148df | ChemSpider]
The proposed synthesis for this compound is below:
The proposed synthesis for this compound is below:

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GSK Thienopyrimidine Series

The series lead has the following generic structure:

GSK Thienopyrimidine Series: TCMDC 135294

| chEMBL | ChemSpider

The proposed synthesis for this compound is below:

Proposed synthesis for the above compound


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