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A hub for global efforts in open source drug discovery for malaria. If you are interested in open source drug discovery and would like to do something to combat malaria, then:

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  • Contribute to current projects or even start new ones!


OSDDMalaria Meeting - University of Sydney, 24 February 2012

Current Participants

Medicinal Chemistry


Current Projects

There are lots of things needed, but the main thing is experimental input. If you're a scientist with access to a lab, open source drug discovery needs you in particular. If you want to know what open source drug discovery is, go here. For anyone new to the project here is a short guide to using the Electronic Lab Notebook.

Currently there are three active projects on-going:

Project entries will be listed at link in above menu.


This is a wiki, meaning it's meant as a site for how projects are going. For discussion try The Synaptic Leap, and for feeds try the Twitter feed. If you would like access to the Twitter account, in order to help post updates about malaria projects, please email

Relevant papers are available in the Mendeley group, please feel free to add new relevant content anywhere!