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* [http://www.bio21.org/group-leaders/bio-chemistry/stuart-ralph Ralph Group], Bio21, Melbourne
* [http://www.bio21.org/group-leaders/bio-chemistry/stuart-ralph Ralph Group], Bio21, Melbourne
* [http://www.openlabfoundation.org/gsk.aspx GSK Tres Cantos], Spain
* [http://www.openlabfoundation.org/gsk.aspx GSK Tres Cantos], Spain
* [http://www.monash.edu.au/research/profiles/profile.html?sid=2143&pid=3154 Charman Group], Monash University
== Discussion ==
== Discussion ==

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A hub for global efforts in open source drug discovery for malaria. If you are interested in open source drug discovery and would like to do something to combat malaria, then:

  • Get an OpenWetWare account
  • Edit this and other pages.
  • Contribute to current projects (below) or even start new ones!

Current Projects

There are lots of things needed, but the main thing is experimental input. If you're a scientist with access to a lab, open source drug discovery needs you. If you want to know what open source drug discovery is, go here. For anyone new to the project here is a short guide to using the Electronic Lab Notebook.

Currently there are three active projects on-going:

Project entries will be listed at link in above menu.

Current Participants

Medicinal Chemistry



This is a wiki, meaning it's meant as a site for how projects are going. For discussion try The Synaptic Leap, or the project's Google+ page, and for updates try the Twitter feed and Facebook Page. If you would like access to the Twitter or G+ accounts because you've become a member of the project please email OSDD.Malaria@gmail.com.

Relevant papers are available in the Mendeley group, to which anyone can add.