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Equipped with his five senses, man explores the universe around him and calls the adventure Science.  ~Edwin Powell Hubble, The Nature of Science, 1954

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Upcoming Events 2008-2009

Events 2007-2008

  • Sept 20, 2007. 8:30 AM-3PM. School of Nursing Auditorium. CROET DNA Repair Symposium. Speakers: Amanda McCullough, Mark Kelley, Mitch Turker, R. Steven LLoyd, Glen Kisby, Phil Hanawalt, Lawrence Loeb, Harvey W. Mohrenweiser.
  • Oct 5, 2007. 9:30-11 AM, 14th floor Hatfield OCI conference room. The Hoatlin Lab is presenting a research update on Fanconi anemia.
  • Dec 9, 2007. Basic Science Room 2324 at 4:00 PM. Dana Dolinoy. "Epigenetic Gene Regulation: Linking the Early Developmental Environment to Adult Disease" Host: Pam Lein (CROET).
  • Dec 12, Time: 4:00-5:00 PM, Location HRC 14D03 Denise A. Galloway, "Human papillomaviruses and cervical cancer: regulation of telomerase by the E6 oncoprotein"
  • December 17, 2007. Time: 4-5 PM. University Hospital South 8B60 Peter A. Jones OCTRI & The Cancer Institute
  • Dec 18, 2007. 9:30 AM-10:30 AM CROET 2nd floor conference room (BSAC 2501M) .Michael Bustin, NCI - Chromatin architecture and DNA repair. Origin: Bethesda, NIH DNA Repair Interest Group VIDEOCONFERENCE
  • Jan 7, 2008. CROET room 3524 at 4 PM Bruce M. Spiegelman Harvard Medical School, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Host: Show-Ling Shyng
  • Jan. 22, 2008. Vollum 1441, 12N, Marc Kantorow, Florida Atlantic University. Role of oxidation in the aging process; methionine sulfoxide reductases in lens and cataract. Host: Larry David (BMB)
  • Jan 28 2008. CROET room 3524 at noon. Randy Legerski. Interests: mechanisms of DNA repair, recombinational repair, stress-induced cell cycle checkpoint responses
  • March 10, 2008. CROET room 3524 at noon. Orlando D. Schärer, Stony Brook University "Mechanisms of damage recognition and dual incision in human nucleotide" Host: Stephen Lloyd (CROET).
  • March 12, 2008. Vollum Room M-1441, 4-5PM. Raymond Monnat, Jr., M.D., University of Washington, "Targeted Repair of Human Disease-Causing Mutations"

CROET Seminars

Held in CROET room 3524 at noon unless otherwise noted.

Journal Watch

External Meetings of Interest

For updated list see DNA Repair Interest Group web site. Please let R3 Club know if you are going to any meeting of interest. Also, please consider giving a conference update when you get back. Email me through OpenWetWare to schedule.

DNA Replication & Genome Integrity, 2008, July 18-22, 2008: Salk Institute for Biological Studies. *Matt 17:30, 25 June 2008 (UTC):

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