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|Amy Skinner
|Amy Skinner
|Bone Marrow-Derived Myofibroblasts Contribute to the Mesenchymal Stem Cell Niche and Promote Tumor Growth
|Bone Marrow-Derived Myofibroblasts Contribute to the Mesenchymal Stem Cell Niche and Promote Tumor Growth
|[http://www.sciencedirect.com/science?_ob=MImg&_imagekey=B6WWK-525RKWB-7-1&_cdi=7133&_user=1072900&_pii=S1535610811000420&_origin=gateway&_coverDate=02%2F15%2F2011&_sk=%23TOC%237133%232011%23999809997%232907735%23FLA%23display%23Volume_19,_Issue_2,_Pages_157-294_(15_February_2011)%23tagged%23Volume%23first%3D19%23Issue%23first%3D2%23date%23(15_February_2011)%23&view=c&_gw=y&wchp=dGLbVzW-zSkWb&md5=04be5f8d0326da5305d046357fbf4452&ie=/sdarticle.pdf Bone Marrow-Derived Myofibroblasts]

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Equipped with his five senses, man explores the universe around him and calls the adventure Science.  ~Edwin Powell Hubble, The Nature of Science, 1954

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Objectives of the OHSU Cancer Biology Journal Club

Cross-departmental workshop composed of students, postdocs, and faculty with shared interest in basic principles and emerging discoveries in Cancer Biology. The goals of the meetings and this wiki:

  • Establish a challenging and interactive cross-departmental focus group that will advance understanding of our individual projects and encourage collaborations.
  • Provide students and postdocs with training and interactions with faculty interested in Cancer Biology and emerging therapeutics

OCI CJC Activities

Want to join us? All are invited!

To get on the listserve:
Email: majordomoATohsu.edu (must be sent as a plain text email)
subject: subscribe oncobio
text box: subscribe oncobio
  • When and where we meet
MacHall 2136
Thursdays noon-1 PM
Lunch provided by OCI
  • Organizer contact information: searsrATohsu.edu, lopezcATohsu.edu

Member Labs and Affiliations

Lopez Lab Hem Onc

Sears Lab

Hoatlin Lab

Thayer Lab

Wong Lab


  • Scheduling In Progress
Date Presenters Topic Links & Comments
9/30/2010 Rosie Sears Organization
10/7/2010 Amy Farrell Ubiquitylation of the amino terminus of Myc by SCFβ-TrCp antagonizes SCFFbw7-mediated turnover [1]
10/14/2010 David Qian Signaling Kinase AMPK Activates

Stress-Promoted Transcription via Histone H2B Phosphorylation

10/21/2010 Anupriya Agarwal Clinical efficacy of a RAF inhibitor needs broad target blockade in BRAF-mutant melanoma. [3] [4] [5]
10/28/2010 Deanne Tibbitts Effective targeting of quiescent chronic myelogenous leukemia stem cells by histone deacetylase inhibitors in combination with imatinib mesylate [6] [7]
11/4/2010 Mushui Dai An ARF-Independent c-MYC-Activated Tumor Suppression Pathway Mediated by Ribosomal Protein-Mdm2 Interaction [8]
11/11/2010 Katy Van Hook Bacteri-Induced Gap Junctions in Tumors Favor Antigen Cross-Presentation and Antitumor Immunity Saccheri F (2010) Supp data
11/18/2010 Aaron Wortham Cytohesins Are Cytoplasmic ErbB Receptor Activators Article with Supp Data
11/25/2010 xxxxxxxxxx THANKSGIVING, NO JOURNAL CLUB xxxxxxxxxx
12/2/2010 Xiaoli Zhang A Stapled p53 Helix overcomes HDMX-mediated suppression of p53 [9]
12/9/2010 CANCELLED
12/16/2010 Beibei Dong Copper Transporter and Cisplatin [10]
1/6/2011 Alain Silk Effective Suppression of Vascular Network Formation by Combination of Antibodies Blocking VEGFR Ligand Binding and Receptor Dimerization [11]
1/13/2011 Xiao-Xin Sun Osteoclast differentiation factor RANKL controls development of progestin-driven mammary cancer; ( Schramek D et al, Nature. 2010 Nov 4;468(7320):98-102)
1/20/2011 Eric Stoffregen Epigenetic Antagonism between Polycomb and SWI/SNF Complexes during Oncohenic Transformation Wilson et al 2010
1/27/2011 Mahnaz Janghorban B55β-associated PP2A complex controls PDK1-directed myc signaling and modulates rapamycin sensitivity in colorectal cancer Tan et al 2010
2/3/2011 Katannya Kapeli The miR-17-92 MicroRNA Cluster Regulates Multiple Components of the TGF-b Pathway in Neuroblastoma miR-17-92
   supplemental data
2/10/2011 Jared Fischer Intestinal crypt homeostasis results from neutral competition between symmetrically dividing Lgr5 stem cells [12]
2/17/2011 Jason Link Targeting Mitochondrial Glutaminase Activity Inhibits Oncogenic Transformation [13]
2/24/2011 Rosie Sears The blind spot of p53
Stage-specific sensitivity to p53 restoration during lung cancer progression
Selective activation of p53-mediated tumour suppression in high-grade tumours
blind spot

selective activation

3/3/2011 Amy Skinner Bone Marrow-Derived Myofibroblasts Contribute to the Mesenchymal Stem Cell Niche and Promote Tumor Growth Bone Marrow-Derived Myofibroblasts
3/10/2011 Tiffany DeVine
3/17/2011 Aaron Jacobs
3/31/2011 Harini Sampath
4/7/2011 Yun Xin Lim
4/21/2011 Liangqi Xie
4/28/2011 Kinrin Yamanaka
5/5/2011 Kishore Challagundla
5/12/2011 Zhiping Wang
5/19/2011 Jeff Wu
5/26/2011 Vince Bicocca
6/2/2011 Arun Krishnamoorthy
6/9/2010 Xiangshu Xiao