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==Objectives of the OHSU Cancer Biology Journal Club==
Cross-departmental workshop composed of students, postdocs, and faculty with shared interest in basic principles and emerging discoveries in Cancer Biology. The goals of the meetings and this wiki:
* Establish a challenging and interactive cross-departmental focus group that will advance understanding of our individual projects and encourage collaborations.
*Provide students and postdocs with training and interactions with faculty interested in Cancer Biology and emerging therapeutics
==OCI CJC Activities==
Want to join us? All are invited!
:To get on the listserve:
:Email: majordomoATohsu.edu
:subject: subscribe oncobio
:text box: subscribe oncobio
*When and where we meet
:MacHall 2136
:Thursdays noon-1 PM
:Lunch provided by OCI
*Organizer contact information: searsrATohsu.edu, lopezcATohsu.edu
==Member Labs and Affiliations==
[http://www.ohsu.edu/ohsuedu/healthcare/hemonc/faculty/lopez.cfm Lopez Lab] Hem Onc
[http://openwetware.org/wiki/Sears Sears Lab]
[http://openwetware.org/wiki/Hoatlin_Lab Hoatlin Lab]
[http://openwetware.org/wiki/Thayer_Lab Thayer Lab]
[http://openwetware.org/wiki/Wong_Lab Wong Lab]
==Student and Potdoctoral Participants==
*Scheduling In Progress
*Scheduling In Progress
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|Rosie Sears
|Rosie Sears
|A Chromatin-Mediated Reversible Drug-Tolerant State in Cancer Cell Subpopulations
|Cell, Volume 141, Issue 1, 69-80, 2 April 2010

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  • Scheduling In Progress
Date Presenters Topic Links & Comments
9/24/2009 Rosie Sears Organization
10/8/2009 Vince Bicocca
10/15/2009 Xiao-Xin Sun
10/22/2009 Katy VanHook Anchorage-independence and metabolism Schafer Z, et al. Nature (2009) Powerpoint
10/29/2009 Aaron Wortham Axin determines cell fate by controlling the p53 activation threshold after DNA damage http://www.nature.com/ncb/journal/v11/n9/pdf/ncb1927.pdf
11/5/2009 Ashley Kamimae-Lanning Cellular effects of oncolytic viral therapy on the glioblastoma microenvironment http://www.nature.com/gt/journal/vaop/ncurrent/abs/gt2009130a.html
11/12/2009 Karen Schuff
11/19/2009 Trevor Levin The cure for cancer can be found in the naked mole-rat http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Nacktmull.jpg ; http://www.pnas.org/content/early/2009/10/23/0905252106.long
12/3/2009 Deanne Tibbitts
12/10/2009 Rosie Sears CANCELLED overlapping new NIH format info meeting
12/17/2009 Jon Oyer Epigenetics & Metastasis: LSD1 Is a Subunit of the NuRD Complex and Targets the Metastasis Programs in Breast Cancer http://www.cell.com/abstract/S0092-8674%2809%2900710-7
1/7/2010 Jayme Gallegos Mutant p53 drives invasion by promoting integrin recycling http://www.sciencedirect.com/science?_ob=ArticleURL&_udi=B6WSN-4Y0TSBV-R&_user=1072900&_rdoc=1&_fmt=&_orig=search&_sort=d&_docanchor=&view=c&_acct=C000048262&_version=1&_urlVersion=0&_userid=1072900&md5=e53786506ca797a267378a6551f68ab4
1/14/2010 Alain Silk
1/21/2010 Jared Fischer
1/28/2010 Vivian Wu
2/4/2010 Hoatlin Lab Synthetic Lethality NEJM Editorial "Synthetic Lethality — A New Direction in Cancer-Drug Development"
2/11/2010 Jason Link
2/18/2010 Arun Kumar TGF-β–FOXO signalling maintains leukaemia-initiating cells in chronic myeloid leukaemia Article ; Supplement
2/25/2010 Mushui Dai USP10 Regulates p53 Localization and Stability by Deubiquitinating p53. Cell, 140(3): 384-396 http://download.cell.com/pdf/PIIS0092867409016183.pdf?intermediate=true
3/4/2010 Xiaoli Zhang
3/11/2010 Xiangshu Xiao
3/18/2010 Charlie Lopez
4/1/2010 Mahnaz Janghorban
4/8/2010 Amy Farrell HnRNP proteins controlled by c-Myc deregulate pyruvate kinase mRNA splicing in cancer 21 January 2010| doi:10.1038/nature08697
4/15/2010 Jodi Johnson
4/22/2010 Rosie Sears A Chromatin-Mediated Reversible Drug-Tolerant State in Cancer Cell Subpopulations Cell, Volume 141, Issue 1, 69-80, 2 April 2010
4/29/2010 CANCELED Knight Cancer Biology Retreat
5/6/2010 Liangqi Xie
5/13/2010 CANCELED - Student Research Forum
5/20/2010 Zhiping Wang
5/27/2010 Kinrin Yamanaka
6/3/2010 Yun Xin Lim