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<small>Last updated January/17/2008</small>
<small>Last updated November/18/2008</small>
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Project status: <font color="green">'''Active'''</font>
Project status: <font color="skyblue">'''Frozen'''</font>
== The Design ==
== The Design ==

Latest revision as of 13:38, 18 November 2008

Last updated November/18/2008

Project status: Frozen

The Design

I intend to assemble the repressilator from BBa_I5612 and BBa_I6032. I would like to do so in order to improve my lab skills. Besides the parts obtained will be extremely usefull for the Spatial Patterns project as BBa_I6032 might be used to observe EYFP and BBa_I5612 will be usefull just in case we would like to change the reporter gene used for the repressillator.

Repressilator No2


I'm a little worried about using EYFP as it doesn't have a ssrA tag. Yet the whole repressillator available in the iGEM kit plates as BBa_I5611 seems to use EYFP without the tag. I could use ECFP instead of EYFP since it has the ssrA tag that Ellowitz used yet Jason R. Kelly advised me against using that part.

For now I'd recomend just to assemble the repressillator with BBa_I5612 and BBa_I6032 and it it fails we can modify it. Also I'd recomend to recover BBa_I5611 just to check how the final devise should work.

Work to do


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