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* Further analyses
* Further analyses
* Visualization
* Visualization
** [http://www.broadinstitute.org/igv/ IGV]
** [http://bioinf.scri.ac.uk/tablet/ Tablet]
** [http://bioinf.scri.ac.uk/tablet/ Tablet]

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  • Share notes and comments from the course and beyond!
  • Nescent hosted course materials are here
  • I found this page very helpful in just getting started
  • Helpful notes and tutorials from the MSU course are here
  • More from a Broad Institute workshop here
  • Some more notes
  • Here's a nice overview of a basic alignment and variant calling workflow based on SAMtools and GATK
  • A more in-depth variant detection strategy based on GATK
  • GAGE


Please add notes by topic (note that some tools can be used in more than one analysis step):

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