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Contact Information

Macintosh HD-Users-nkuldell-Desktop-IMG 3725 1.jpg

Biological Engineering Division, MIT
77 Mass Ave, 56-639
Cambridge, MA 02139
nkuldell AT mit DOT edu

Teaching and Research Statement

See my MIT BE site here
Spring 2006: teaching BE.109
Spring 2007: teaching 20.109
SB starter kit: working space
20.020 Introduction to Biological Systems Design
M13 redesign

BE.109 class photos

Spring 2004
Spring 2005
Spring 2006


S. cerevisiae mtDNA (re)org: due diligence
S. cerevisiae mtDNA (re)org: expt'l details
SAGA swap
SAGA swap: expt'l details
other yeast rewrites

Q/A working page

Perceived risks/rewards of Synthetic Biology

Perceived risks/rewards of Synthetic Biology v2

Perceived risks/rewards of Synthetic Biology v3

Perceived risks/rewards of Synthetic Biology v4

Q/A "read more"

Q/A Reference List


Brandeis Talk 12.07.05 File:Brandeis Dec2005.ppt
Winston Lab Retreat 06.07.06File:Macintosh HD-Users-nkuldell-Desktop-WinstonRetreat 06.ppt
Winston GM 09.19.06 Part 1 = SAGA swap data File:Macintosh HD-Users-nkuldell-Desktop-WinstonGM 2006 pt1.ppt
Winston GM 09.19.06 Part 2 = mtDNA rewrite File:Macintosh HD-Users-nkuldell-Desktop-WinstonGM 2006 pt2.ppt

Charitable Giving Mission Statement

brainstorming with Caroline 11/15/2005

  1. be mindful of the world's limited resources
  2. assist to remedy wrongs
  3. make a big difference locally rather than a small difference with a big group
  4. support charities that will persist
  5. think ahead a generation or two
  6. take care of those unable to care for themselves
  7. support the arts that make the world a more beautiful liveable place

candidate organizations:

  • Caroline: WWF, National Arbor Day Foundation, Canine Companions for Independence
  • Spencer: Toys for Tots, Kids Clothes Club
  • Natalie: BYM, BBF, Bridge Over Troubled Waters, BigBrotherBigSister
  • Scott: MakeAWish, Rosie's Place

NYC Birthday Weekend