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Spring 2007: teaching [http://openwetware.org/wiki/20.109 20.109] <br>
Spring 2007: teaching [http://openwetware.org/wiki/20.109 20.109] <br>
Fall 2007: teaching [http://openwetware.org/wiki/20.109(F07) 20.109] <br>
Fall 2007: teaching [http://openwetware.org/wiki/20.109(F07) 20.109] <br>
Spring 2008: teaching [http://openwetware.org/wiki/20.20| 20.020]<br>
Spring 2008: teaching [http://openwetware.org/wiki/20.20 20.020]<br>
===ongoing teaching projects===
===ongoing teaching projects===
[[User:Nkuldell:COPUS |COPUS/Understanding Science]]<br>
[[User:Nkuldell:COPUS |COPUS/Understanding Science]]<br>

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Contact Information

Macintosh HD-Users-nkuldell-Desktop-IMG 3725 1.jpg

Biological Engineering Division, MIT
77 Mass Ave, 56-639
Cambridge, MA 02139
nkuldell AT mit DOT edu

Teaching and Research Statement

See my MIT BE site here
Spring 2006: teaching BE.109
Spring 2007: teaching 20.109
Fall 2007: teaching 20.109
Spring 2008: teaching 20.020

ongoing teaching projects

COPUS/Understanding Science
20.20: Design features
SB starter kit: working space
20.20 template
20.109 Fall 07 template
20.109 Spring 08 template
20.020 Introduction to Biological Systems Design
M13 redesign
Phage Biomaterials Module

BE.109 and 20.109 class photos

Spring 2004
Spring 2005
Spring 2006
Spring 2007
Fall 2007


S. cerevisiae mtDNA (re)org: due diligence
S. cerevisiae mtDNA (re)org: expt'l details
S. cerevisiae RNAi-lite
SAGA swap
SAGA swap: expt'l details
other yeast rewrites

Q/A working page

Perceived risks/rewards of Synthetic Biology

Perceived risks/rewards of Synthetic Biology v2

Perceived risks/rewards of Synthetic Biology v3

Perceived risks/rewards of Synthetic Biology v4

Q/A "read more"

Q/A Reference List

SB Talks

Brandeis Talk 12.07.05 ppt
SB 2.0 Talk 05.24.06 ppt
Winston Lab Retreat 06.07.06 ppt
Winston GM 09.19.06 Part 1 = SAGA swap data ppt
Winston GM 09.19.06 Part 2 = mtDNA rewrite ppt
Winston Lab Retreat 06.25.07 ppt

Charitable Giving Mission Statement

brainstorming with Caroline 11/15/2005

  1. be mindful of the world's limited resources
  2. assist to remedy wrongs
  3. make a big difference locally rather than a small difference with a big group
  4. support charities that will persist
  5. think ahead a generation or two
  6. take care of those unable to care for themselves
  7. support the arts that make the world a more beautiful liveable place

candidate organizations:

  • Caroline: WWF, National Arbor Day Foundation, Canine Companions for Independence
  • Spencer: Toys for Tots, Kids Clothes Club
  • Natalie: BYM, BBF, Bridge Over Troubled Waters, BigBrotherBigSister
  • Scott: MakeAWish, Rosie's Place

NYC Birthday Weekend