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Primary Research


Primary cilia membrane assembly is initiated by Rab11- and TRAPPII-dependent trafficking of Rabin8 to the centrosome.
PNAS 108: 2759-64.
Westlake CJ, Baye LM, Nachury MV, Wright KJ, Ervin KE, Phu L, Chalouni C, Beck JS, Kirkpatrick DS, Slusarski DC, Sheffield VC, Scheller RH and Jackson PK.


The major α-tubulin K40 acetyltransferase αTAT1 promotes rapid ciliogenesis and efficient mechanosensation.
PNAS 107: 21517-22..
Shida T, Cueva JG, Xu Z, Goodman MB* and Nachury MV*. [* corresponding authors].

A septin diffusion barrier at the base of the primary cilium maintains ciliary membrane protein distribution.
Science. 329: 436-9..
Hu Q, Milenkovic L, Jin H, Scott MP, Nachury MV, Spiliotis ET and Nelson WJ.

The conserved Bardet-Biedl Syndrome proteins assemble a coat that traffics membrane proteins to cilia.

Cell. 141: 1208-19.(Cover illustration).
Jin H, White SR, Shida T, Schulz S, Aguiar M, Gygi SP, Bazan JF, and Nachury MV


A Novel BBSome Subunit Regulates Microtubule Stability and Acetylation.

Developmental Cell. 15: 854–865..
Loktev AV, Zhang Q, Beck JS, Searby CC, Scheetz TE, Bazan JF, Slusarski DC, Sheffield VC, Jackson PK* and Nachury MV* [* corresponding authors].


A core complex of BBS proteins cooperates with the GTPase Rab8 to promote ciliary membrane biogenesis.

Cell. 129:1201-1213.
Nachury MV*, Loktev AV, Zhang Q, Westlake CJ, Peränen J, Merdes A, Slusarski DC, Scheller RH, Bazan JF, Sheffield VC, and Jackson PK. [* corresponding author]


before cilia

The nucleolar phosphatase Cdc14B is dispensable for chromosome segregation and mitotic exit in human cells.
Cell Cycle. (2008). 7: 1184-1190.
Berdougo E, Nachury MV, Jackson PK and Jallepalli PV.
PMID 18418058

The END network controls cyclin stability in early mitosis by anchoring the APC to the mitotic spindle.
Developmental Cell. (2007) 13: 29-42
Ban KH, Torres JZ, Miller JJ, Mikhalov A, Nachury MV, Tung JJ, Rieder CL and Jackson PK.
PMID 17609108

Emi1 stably binds and inhibits the anaphase-promoting complex/cyclosome as a pseudosubstrate inhibitor.
Genes and Development (2006) 20: 2410-2420.
Miller JJ, Summers MK, Hansen DV, Nachury MV, Lehman NL, Loktev A, and Jackson PK.
PMID 16921029

A Rae1-containing ribonucleoprotein complex is required for mitotic spindle assembly.
Cell (2005) 121:223-34.
Blower MD*, Nachury MV*, Heald R, and Weis K. [*equal contribution]
PMID 15851029

Xenopus Cdc14 α/β are localized to the nucleolus and centrosome and are required for embryonic cell division.
BMC Cell Biology (2004) 5 :27.
Kaiser BK, Nachury MV, Gardner BE, Jackson PK.
PMID 15251038

Importin β is a mitotic target of the small GTPase Ran in spindle assembly.
Cell (2001) 104: 95-106.
Nachury MV, Maresca TJ, Salmon WC, Waterman-Storer CM, Heald R, Weis K.
PMID 11163243

The direction of transport through the nuclear pore can be inverted.
PNAS (1999) 96: 9622-9627.
Nachury MV, Weis K.
PMID 10449743

Cloning and characterization of hSRP1γ, a tissue-specific nuclear transport factor.
PNAS (1998) 95: 582-587.
Nachury MV, Ryder UW, Lamond AI, Weis K.

PMID 9435235


Primary cilia: how to keep the riff-raff in the plasma membrane.
Current Biology (2011) 11: R434-6.
Breslow DK and Nachury MV.

Trafficking to the Ciliary Membrane: How to Get Across the Periciliary Diffusion Barrier?
Annual Reviews of Cell and Developmental Biology (2010) 26: 59-87.
Nachury MV, Seeley ES and Jin H.

The perennial organelle: assembly and disassembly of the primary cilium.
Journal of Cell Science (2010) 123: 511-518. (Cover illustration).
Seeley ES and Nachury MV.

Constructing and Deconstructing Roles for the Primary Cilium in Tissue Architecture and Cancer.
Methods in Cell Biology (2009) 94: 299-313.
Seeley ES and Nachury MV.

The BBSome.
Current Biology (2009) 19: R472-3.
Jin H and Nachury MV.

Tandem Affinity Purification of the BBSome, a Critical Regulator of Rab8 in Ciliogenesis.
Methods in Enzymology (2008) 439. 501-513.
Nachury MV.

Media Coverage and Pearls of Wisdom

Nachury MV (2011). Give chance a chance. Mol Biol Cell. 21:3919-20.
Interview by Ben Short. (2010). Maxence Nachury: a transporting view of the primary cilium. J. Cell Biol. 191:436-7.

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