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<font size = 6> Morran Lab </font>
<font size = 6> <font face="trebuchet ms" style="color:#ffffff"> '''Morran Lab''' </font>
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== ==
== ==
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[[Image:Levimp.jpg |thumb|]]
'''Levi T. Morran'''
'''Levi T. Morran'''

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Morran Lab

Emory University

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Levi T. Morran

Assistant Professor

Department of Biology

Emory University

Population Biology, Ecology, and Evolution Graduate Program

Mailing address:

1510 Clifton Road Atlanta GA 30322, USA

Campus address:

O. Wayne Rollins Research Building

Lab - room 1083

Office - room 1029

Office phone: 404-727-7092

Lab phone: 404-727-5211

Email: levi.morran@emory.edu

Lab website

Department website