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(RNA Purification and Analysis)
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[[Sauer:RNA_Purification_from_E._coli|Getting RNA From ''E. coli'']]<br>
[[Sauer:RNA_Purification_from_E._coli|Getting RNA From ''E. coli'']]<br>
[[Moore:Primer_extension|Primer Extension]]<br>

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Cloning and Molecular Biology

Figuring Out How Much Nucleic Acid You Have
'Round-the-Horn Mutagenesis
Gene Stitching

Protein Purification

Getting the Cells open
E. coli ClpX
E. coli ClpP
E. coli SspB

Protein Analysis

Silver Staining
Western Blot

Translation and Ribosomes

E. coli Ribosome Purification
Preparing Translation Extracts
Poly-U Translation
mRNA Translation

RNA Purification and Analysis

Getting RNA From E. coli
Primer Extension