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News and Award

  • Aug 2013- Jennifer Miller (Junior, Biological Sciences), Steven Schaffer (Senior, Biological Sciences), and Deborah Douglas (Senior, Biotechnology) joined our lab as a undergraduate researcher, Welcome all of you!!
  • Apr 2013- Dr. Kim is selected as a recipient of Farris Family Innovation Award to engage research on developing nanothermotherapy platform to target bacterial biofilms in diabetic wounds
  • May 2013- Dr. Bing Yu joined our lab as a Research Associate in collaborative project with Dr. Chris Malcuit and Dr. Fayez Safadi. Welcome!!
  • Feb 2013- Dr. Baeckkyoung Sung joined our lab as a Postdoct Fellow, Welcome!!
  • Nov 2012- Dr. Kim is selected as a recipient of Kent State Postdoc Seed Program Award for collaborative projects between Kent State and NEOMED