Mimulus glaucescens

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Species description

  • Annual glabrescent or glabrous herb, the stem erect or ascending, 0.5-3 dm. tall, simple or slightly branched. Leaf-blades ovate to oval or orbicular, denticulate to nearly entire, palmately 3-5 veined, 0.7-1.5 cm. long, the lower on petioles shorter than blades, the upper rounded to sessile bases; pedicels becoming 5-20 mm. long, sparsely glandular-puberulent to pubescent with glandless hairs; calyx becoming 7-9 mm. long, strongly plicate-angled, its lobes acute, the lower shorter, the lwoest pair upcurving toward the uppermost lobe which is about 1.5 mm. long; corolla 5-10 mm. long, yellow, its throat ventrally pubescent and slightly brown-spotted, the feebly developed palate not closing the orifice; anthers glabrous; capsule 4 mm. long, not dehiscing through septum-apex.

Reference: Abrams and Ferris

  • Mostly glabrous and glaucous annuals; stem erect, .5-4 dm. high, simple or branched, terete, occasionally quadrangular above; lower leaves bright green, round-ovate or subcordate, 2-10 cm. long, 3-5 nerved from the base, coarsely and irregularly toothed, occasionally lobed at the base, petioles slender, as long as or much longer than the blades, sometimes pubescent or villous, upper leaves few, sessile, orbicular, about as broad as long, becoming connate-perfoliate below the flowers, more or less conspicuously glaucous, nearly entire or with small scattered teeth; pedicels commonly about as long as the mature calyx, occasionally twice as long, stout, strongly recurved; calyx broadly campanulate, 1.1-1.3 cm. long, at maturity 1.5-2 cm. long, 9-11 mm. broad, teeth short, broadly triangular, blunt, the upper slightly longer, the lower folding over the lateral teeth and closing the orifice, densely villous with soft white hairs at the sinuses; corolla 2-3.5 cm. long, lower lip spreading, bearded, more or less spotted with red; style puberulent, slightly exserted; capsule oblong, short-stipitate, more than half as long as the calyx; seeds reticulate.

Reference: Grant 1924

Location of Mimulus glaucescens populations

Mimulus glaucescens publications