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Tutorial on Micado

Micado is a Computer-Aided Design (CAD) tool for designing and controlling programmable microfluidics developed by Nada Amin at the CSAIL (MIT) for her MEng thesis. Micado features:

  • standard and customizable design rules
  • automatic routing between control valves and punches
  • automatic generation of control instructions and GUI

Here you will find an agile tutorial on basic and advanced functions of this software. You can download micado from:

We will assume that you installed AUTOCAD® Electrical 2008 and Micado following this guide

Simple Routing Guide

this will be added soon! First of all you need to start AUTOCAD 2008 using the link in the Micado directory. Assuming that the installation directory is C:\Programmi\micado\micado, you should see a set of icons like the one in this figure