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This page is a resource for newbies joining the lab. If you are joining the lab, please utilize this page as a sort of initial checklist of things to do and learn as you are settling in. Most importantly, please add things to the list! If you find something missing that would have been helpful, ADD IT!

Things to Do

  • If you are a new hire, stop by Deborah's office (Room 149) to fill out the necessary forms, etc.
  • Create an Openwetware account so that you can edit this (and other) pages in the McClean site. Learn how to edit pages by setting up your user profile (see: Add your name to the homepage for the McClean lab under "Lab Members". When you click on your name, it should link to your profile page.
  • Sign up for the next available "Laboratory Safety Training" through the EHS website ( Completing safety training is of utmost importance, and you need to do it as soon as a course is available!
  • Sign up for the next available "Radioactive Materials Safety" course through the EHS website. Even though we do not currently use any radioactive materials in the McClean lab, there is radioactive work done in our laboratory area (Room 117) and therefore we all MUST take this safety class.
  • Arrange with John Wiggins to get a genomics account and access to the McClean lab server (which will give you access to the database and space to store your data). His office is 133A (near the printers).
  • Arrange with Andrew States to get prox access to the building (in case you need to come in early/late or on a weekend). Email him your ID number on your Tigercard at astates at princeton dot edu.
  • If you are going to be doing any ordering (generally undergraduates do not place their own orders, but research specialists certainly do) talk to Rehka Gupta (her office is in 240) and ask to get access to both the OrgSupply and genpurch system with ordering authority for the McClean lab grant.
  • Email Sandy (lab manager of the Botstein lab) to get your name on the mailing list for Botlab meetings (Sandy @ genomics dot princeton dot edu)
  • Ask someone to give you a lab tour and generally go around opening drawers/cabinets to get an idea of where everything is.

Things to Know

  • The McClean lab attends the "Botlab" super group meetings every Wednesday at 10am. You are expected to attend and present roughly every third time our lab comes up (about every 3-4 weeks). We do not currently have our own McClean lab group meeting, though this will probably change in the very near future as we grow in size.
  • There is tea every day at 4pm (usually upstairs, but sometimes downstairs if there is a talk) with coffee, tea, and cookies. This is a good place to meet other members of the center.


Please feel free to post comments, questions, or improvements to this list. We are happy to have your input! Newbies, you MUST add to this list if you find things missing!

  1. People to talk to?
  2. Trainings to take?
  3. Things to know or do that are missing from this overview?

Please sign your name to your note by adding '''*~~~~''': to the beginning of your tip.