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<div style="padding: 5px; width: 750px; border: 4px solid #200B80; font-size: 14px">
<div style="padding: 5px; width: 750px; border: 4px solid #200B80; font-size: 14px">
== Head ==
== Head ==
[[user:Didier Mazel|Didier Mazel]] <br>
[[user:Didier Mazel|Didier Mazel]] <br>
== Visiting Professor ==
== Visiting Professor ==
Fernando De La Cruz <br>
Fernando De La Cruz <br>

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Bacterial Genome Plasticity

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Mazel People.jpg


Didier Mazel

Visiting Professor

Fernando De La Cruz
De La Cruz Lab


Anne Marie Guérout
Frédérique Leroux
Celine Loot


Zeynep Baharoglu

PhD Students

David Bikard
Guillaume Cambray
Naeem Iqbal

Master Students

Antoine Marmillon


Magaly Ducos-Galand


Odile Labouise

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