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Ana Babic<br>
Ana Babic<br>
Mohamed Zouine<br>
Mohamed Zouine<br>
Dean Rowe-Magnus<br>
[mailto:drowemag@indiana.edu Dean Rowe-Magnus]<br>
Chiho Mashimo<br>
Chiho Mashimo<br>
[[user:Dbikard|David Bikard]] <br>
[[user:Dbikard|David Bikard]] <br>

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Bacterial Genome Plasticity

Home     Research     Publications     Plasmids / Strains     Protocols     Lab Members     Contact     Internal     Links    

Mazel UPGB People.jpg

Head Didier Mazel
Researchers Anne Marie Guérout
Celine Loot
Engineers Evelyne Krin
Post-docs Zeynep Baharoglu
Marie-Eve Val
Alfonso Soler Bistué
José Antonio Escudero
PhD Students Jason Bland
Undergrads Open positions
Technician Magaly Ducos-Galand
Secretary Odile Labouise

Former Lab Members

Frédérique Leroux
Fernando De La Cruz ( De La Cruz Lab)
Guillaume Cambray
Marie Bouvier
Gaelle Demarre
Latifa Biskri
Clara Frumerie
Ana Babic
Mohamed Zouine
Dean Rowe-Magnus
Chiho Mashimo
David Bikard
Naeem Iqbal

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