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==== Fimbrin ====
==== Fimbrin ====
     [[User:freyzon|Yelena Freyzon (T)]]
     [[User:freyzon|Yelena Freyzon (T)]]
==== Novel Proteins ====
    [[User:rlim|Rita Lim (post-doc)]]
==== Novel Microscopy ====
==== Novel Microscopy ====

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Crystallographic reconstruction of the acrosomal bundle showing extensive interfilament interactions

Recent and Ongoing Projects

Biological Springs

Limulus acrosome reaction

    Barney Tam (G, physics), Alec Robertson (G, ME), Guichy Waller (T)

Vorticella spasmoneme

    Danielle France (G, BE), Sangjin Ryu (G, ME), Valeriya Baru (T)

Cell Migration in 3D

    Winston Timp (G, EE), Muhammad Zaman (post-doc), James Evans (scientist)

Intracellular Force Sensors

    Mariya Barch (G, Chem), Mike Murrell (G, BE), Taro Muso (G, HST)

Actin Binding Proteins


    Yelena Freyzon (T)


Novel Microscopy

    Ben Zeskind (G, BE)

MEMS Devices

    Brian McKenna (Scientific Software Engineer), Jorn Ueberfeld (Research Scientist),
Sameh El-Difrawy (Scientific Software Engineer), Korisha Ramdhanie (T)


    Mekhail Anwar (G, EE)