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phone: +1 858 646 3100 x3516 (San Diego, California)


  • I do some research about bioinformatics and proteins, I am currently a postdoc in the Godzik lab
  • I am the main founder/admin of Wikiomics, a bioinformatics howto, which opened in November 2005
  • I made an extension of the MediaWiki engine which can retrieve and arrange PMID-based citations in MediaWiki wikis (such as OWW).
  • I love OCaml programming. Some say I am a fanatic but of course it's just that they are forever-frustrated programmers. My personal web site provides some utilities for OCaml programmers

What I am doing here

Sri Kosuri suggested I join the OpenWetWare steering committee, so here I am. The goal is to join efforts in the world of science/bio wikis and possibly merge Wikiomics and OWW.