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Room 2115
Section of Plant Biology
1002 Life Sciences, One Shields Ave.
University of California Davis
Davis, CA 95616


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Contact Info

Upendra Kumar Devisetty
  • Upendra Kumar Devisetty
  • Post doctoral researcher
  • University of California Davis
  • 1 Shields Avenue
  • Davis, CA, USA.
  • Email:

I am a post doctoral researcher at the University of California Davis where i work in a project related to agroecological gene prediction and computation networks in Brassica rapa.


My entire education was done with Agricultural as background. It first started with Batchelors in Agriculture and then Master's in Agriculture with specialization in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology and finally it ended with Ph.D in Agriultural sciences.

  • 2009, PhD, University of Nottingham (UK)
  • 2003, MSc., G.P.P.U.A.T (INDIA)
  • 2000, B.Sc., A.N.G.R.A.U (INDIA)

Research interests

My Ph.d research focused on Molecular investigation of RAD51 and DMC1 homoeologous genes of hexaploid/bread wheat. My experience of research has involved using a multi-faceted level of study, allowing me to gain a technical understanding of molecular biology, genetics, genomics, physiology and cytogenetics. Very little is known about the Meiotic recombination genes and their mode of action in bread wheat partly wheat being a polyploid species and large genome size. The main aim of my ph.d research was to isolate, clone and characterize the meiotic recombiantion genes and their homoeologues in bread wheat. And In order to gain more insight into recombination pathway, in planta functional characterization of TaRAD51 and TaDMC1 homoeologues were investigated using reverse genetics and complementation methods.

My main research interests are

  • Forward and Reverse genetics of plant and crop species.
  • Functional genomics of abiotic and biotic stresses in plants and crop species
  • Systems biology of recombination in crop species


The RAD51 and DMC1 homoeologous genes of bread wheat: cloning, molecular characterization and expression analysis

Upendra Kumar Devisetty , Katie Mayes and Sean Mayes

BMC Research Notes 2010, 3:245