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27-March Physiology
27-March Physiology
'''NEW SCHEDULE: Mondays 1-2pm in LSA 2002'''
31-March Phytochromes: Upendra and Amanda
31-March Phytochromes: Upendra and Amanda

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Department of Plant Biology
1002 Life Sciences, One Shields Ave.
University of California Davis
Davis, CA 95616

Contact Prof Harmer: slharmer at ucdavis.edu
Contact Prof Maloof: Contact

Group meeting

Maloof and Harmer Lab joint group meeting on Tuesdays 10-11AM LSA 2002.

date and speaker

4-March Jen

11-March Hagop

18-March Lucas

25-March Keito Yoshida-NAIST student

NEW SCHEDULE: Fridays 3-4pm in LSA 2002

4-April Upendra

11-April Stacey

18-April Palmer

25-April Amanda

2-May Kazu

9-May Leonela

16-May Mike

23-May Julin

30-May Senior undergrad presentations?

6-June Senior undergrad presentations?

Next: Dan F., Susan, Cody, Jen, Hagop, Upendra, Akiva, Stacey, Palmer, Amanda, Kazu, Leonela, Mike, Julin, Rod, Nicky

Journal club

Maloof journal club on Thursdays from 11-12 in LSA 2002. Subgroup meetings 12-1PM in LSA 2002.

Survey Journal Club assignments

This quarter we focus on shade avoidance papers, broken into themed modules.

13-Feb General Review

20-Feb Physiology: Kazu and Leonela

27-Feb Physiology

6-March Physiology

13-March Physiology

20-March Physiology

27-March Physiology

NEW SCHEDULE: Mondays 1-2pm in LSA 2002

31-March Phytochromes: Upendra and Amanda

7-April Phytochromes

14-April Phytochromes

21-April Phytochromes


Next: Phytochromes: Upendra and Amanda, PIFs: Mike and Dan, Hormones: Palmer and Susan

Seminar schedules

Friday plant biology seminar

Tuesday graduate student seminar

Joint seminars in molecular biology

All DBS seminars (searchable)