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Daniele Filiault

I even leave the lab sometimes!

I'm a third year graduate student in the Plant Biology Graduate Group at the University of California Davis. I have a BS in General Agriculture from Cornell University and an MS in Horticulture from the University of Wisconsin-Madison where I studied cold acclimation and freezing tolerance in turfgrass species.


Genetically identical plants grown in simulated shade (top) or sun (bottom). Cool!

My work uses genetic approaches to understand natural variation in shade avoidance responses in Arabidopsis thaliana.

  • Association mapping
We have done an association mapping study for seedling and juvenile shade avoidance traits using 96 Arabidopsis thaliana ecotypes. From this study, we have identified over 100 intervals in the genome that are statistically associated with our measured phenotypes. We have also used a candidate gene approach to identify associations between these phenotypes and SNPs in genes previously shown to be involved in shade avoidance. Currently I am working on functional validation of some of these statistical associations.
  • Expression QTL
At this time I am doing preliminary work for an eQTL project, which will use gene expression levels as phenotypes in QTL analysis. Several RIL (recombinant inbred line) sets appear to be good candidates for this type of analysis and are in the process of being phenotyped. Once a final RIL set is chosen, microarray analysis will begin. This should happen soon!
  • Genetic regulatory networks
Expression QTL data sets are especially useful tools for understanding the genetic regulatory networks. Since little is known about the network underlying shade avoidance responses, this type of network analysis could be especially useful in uncovering the molecular mechanisms by which plants modulate their development in response to shade.

Outside the lab

Depending on the weather, I'm doing one of the following:

Contact Info

  • dlfiliault (at) ucdavis (dot) edu
  • Lab location: 2119 Life Sciences
  • Lab phone: (530) 752-8086
  • Mailing address:
Section of Plant Biology
One Shields Avenue
University of California Davis
Davis, CA 95616

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