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I was born in a small town in North Carolina to a young immigrant mother. After 13 uneventful years in the PA and NJ public school systems, I was sent off to the CA public school system. Four fleeting years later, I had a B.S. in bioengineering from berkeley. I loved the west coast, and thus decided I needed to leave. I am now starting my fifth years as a graduate student at mit.


  • Understanding those aspects of biological design that allow for certain robust features of development in the face of large intrinsic and extrinsic variation specifically on non-evolutionary time-scales (I am currently giving up on the past. That may change in the future.).
  • Enabling the design, construction, and use of biological organisms for the purposes of further scientific understanding; keeping extremely aware of the use of engineered biological organisms for other purposes.
  • Property rights as related to biological information and organisms; understanding and reforming current and future frameworks; I really like these people
  • Reforming the reward structures in biological sciences. -- more on this later, for now see Kathleen's thoughts.
  • OpenWetWare of course!

Current Projects

Rebuilding T7

TABASCO -- A single molecule base-pair resolved gene expression simulator

Measures and Models of T7 Gene Expression

How does T7 deal with Uncertainty

Papers of Interest

Zhang X, Studier FW. Multiple Roles of T7 RNA Polymerase and T7 Lysozyme During Bacteriophage T7 Infection. JMB(340)707


Phone: 617.258.8684 Email: my username is skosuri... and the server is you can figure out the rest. Postal: 31 Ames St. 68-564D Cambridge, MA 02139